I’ve been told I need to be more accepting.  Of people, of the way things are and so on and so forth.

While this may be true there are certain things that I just cannot accept.  Three of them have to do with my love of certain TV shows.

Let me share with you.

1. Obviously empty cups

For example: I love Castle.  Every day Castle brings Beckett a gigantic coffee and every day she tips it up like she’s sucking out the dregs.  It’s a brand new coffee!!  It’s full!!  This cannot be!!  THE BURNING!!!

Look how big!


There she goes … and that’s not even the best illustration.Image

2. Obviously empty boxes

My beloved Mentalist most recently tortured me with this one.  Something along the lines of, “I’ll have the case files brought up from storage.”

Then when they come they’re slinging them around like they’re jam packed with cotton candy.  Come on, throw a rock in there or something!  I’ve moved full banker’s boxes.  They’re damn heavy!  Either everyone in the CBI is a super hero … or the props department has failed me. 😉


3. Obviously not on a phone call phone calls

I notice this most with iPhones because I have one.  They’re yammering away and you can see that they’re not on a call.  I suppose they could have switched back to their home screen thing while I wasn’t looking … but really.  C’mon!  How am I supposed to pretend that this world is real when you’re missing these things?  You’re ruining my escapist evening of delightful TV shows!


The main question that arises from all this is: Why do these things bother me so much?

The answer: I’m nuts.