Slip Sliding Away

This one has snuck up on me.

I always start thinking I’m overly tired or getting sick and then realize I’m sliding down that slope.

I’ve been feeling fat lately. Let’s be honest, I am overweight, but the magic of working out is that even if I haven’t lost weight I feel thinner and sexier and prettier. It’s like being on drugs!

Lately I’ve been slacking. We just moved so I was busy for a while packing up the old house and our new place is much, much smaller so my workout area is still full of boxes. There just never seemed to be time. And of course, I don’t make alternative plans, like going for a walk. I just give myself a pass and eat crap and sit on the couch.

Now, I feel like that crap I’ve been eating.

Yesterday I asked Eric if I felt ugly because I haven’t been working out and he said that maybe that was the case.

So, it’s time to stop slacking!

This weekend we will set up the workout area and, more importantly, I will use it, God dammit!

Side Note: 

Words keep being underlined in this post and I can’t figure out why. Usually when I type a word that I know isn’t a word I know it. You know? Today, I feel like I’m really, really tired and words that seem real aren’t. Maybe.

Side Note II: 

This –

I’ve been watching this today. Some of these salmon don’t even seem to be trying. C’mon! How are you going to get up a waterfall by jumping straight up at the base. You need to take that shit at an angle dude!  Get up some speed and give ‘er!  Also, BEARS! 🙂

Cram It!

How To Stop Eating Your Emotions

I’m very guilty of this.

It’s always an eye opener when you discover that others do the same silly things you do and you’re not quite the outrageous unique nut job you thought you were. 🙂

What? I’m not the first person to just say, “Eff it!” and eat a whole bag of chips because I’m sad/bored/anxious/lonely/need something to occupy my hands?  MADNESS!!

I will work on this!


Bump in the Road

I started my bid for fitdom last week and I’ve already hit the first bump in the road.

I was doing so well!  I decided to do every other day because I’m so out of shape that while I’m treading that mill things start to twang and they need a day to recover.

Week 1

Monday: 30 minutes on the treadmill

Wednesday: 30 minutes on the treadmill

Friday: I’m tired today, but that’s okay because I will be brave and do Saturday and Sunday!

Wee hours of Saturday morning: Wake up barfing and proceed to spend the weekend in a coma.  😦


Now begins the inner struggle!

Me 1: I need time to recover because I didn’t eat for a few days and I’m still tired from being sick.  

Me 2: Okay, but you can’t drag it out too long!

Me 1: Yah, yah, I know!  I’ll get right back to it as soon as I feel good.

Me 2: We never feel good!  That’s why we’re doing this!

Me 1: Balls

Me 2: Yup

Jim! I mean, Gym!

My hubby helped me set up the “gym” in our newly liberated front bedroom.  I have a surprising number of fitness equipment for one so out of shape!

I took a turn on the treadmill yesterday after work.  It’s a bit old and has these little fits where it slows down and then the tread shoots past under your feet, so I find it best to hold on to the handrails.  Death by treadmill would be a terrible way to go.

The most important part of my new gym is the TV and DVD player donated by my brother.  This way I can tread along to Supernatural episodes!  I must have something to distract me otherwise the pain I developed in my leg about five minutes in would have ended my bid for fitdom!

I weighed myself, but have since decided to do this from the inside out.  What I mean is, I will walk on the treadmill and do some muscle toning in order to feel better.  Physically and mentally.  I will be able to walk up stairs without having to take a nap afterwards!  If I happen to lose weight in the process then so much the better!  If I fixate on my weight then I’m doomed from the start.

Here we go!