A Lesson on Undies

If you have gained weight it is a good idea to buy new undies.  I guess if you’ve lost weight it is too but I haven’t reached that point.  I’ll let you know!

Upsizing your underwear is a horrible experience, but the end result speaks for itself.

I have been struggling with my weight for almost 10 years and I’ve been up and down …mostly up … but I have never upped the size of my undies.

Until last week.

My current stock of underwear was way too small.  I kept squeezing into them because I’m stubborn, but when my gut started folding them over and I couldn’t get them to cover my ass anymore I knew it was time.

I went to Amazon because there’s no way I’m shopping for up-sized-undies in the real world.

I shall now re-enact for you, in writing, my underwear adventure:

Hmmm, let’s see … if my current underwear size is REDACTED and it barely covers my arse, then I should probably bump it up to REDACTED just to be on the safe side.  They’ll probably be too big, but at least I’ll have a starting point.

**clickity click click*** Underwear has been ordered!

A few days later, the underwear arrives.

**crinkle crinkle crinkle** The package is open.

Jesus these are huge! I could fit two of my asses in here.

**ruffle ruffle ruffle** The underwear is tried on.


I suppose the lesson here is that it’s hard to gauge the size of your own ass?

A few words on these giant undies.  I wore a pair to work to test drive them and they are the most comfortable underwear I have ever owned.  They’re so big and so all-encompassing that nothing goes where it shouldn’t and everything is covered.

It’s like going commando but without the risk of your pant seams shredding your vulva!  Bliss!

These are not sexy undies.  These are the Grandma of all Granny Panties.  Possibly the Great-Grandma of all Granny Panties.  The Alpha and Omega of the G.P.  You get the point.

However, it wasn’t particularly sexy bursting out of the undies I was previously wearing that were REDACTED sizes too small.  At least I’m comfortable now.  I just have to make sure my shirts come down far enough to cover my underpants!