Control Enthusiast

I like to think that my enthusiasm for control is a result of my anxiety.

Unknown things make me anxious so I try hard to control the things I know.

It can get a bit annoying sometimes; for myself and those in my life.

For example, I know that Eric won’t forget that the cats are outside in the backyard and I know he won’t forget to call them in when it’s time.  However, because I’m a control enthusiast I can’t leave it at that.

I can’t let it be because there’s something in my brain that says, “What if he forgets and they’re out there all night and they run away and get hit by cars!?”

This madness results in texts like this:


AND because Eric is a Saint his reply was simply:



He totally gets me.


While we’re on the subject of Eric being a Saint, I should mention that he also has to put up with texts like this:


AND because Eric truly is a Saint his reply was:


That is true love, people!


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