Bump in the Road

I started my bid for fitdom last week and I’ve already hit the first bump in the road.

I was doing so well!  I decided to do every other day because I’m so out of shape that while I’m treading that mill things start to twang and they need a day to recover.

Week 1

Monday: 30 minutes on the treadmill

Wednesday: 30 minutes on the treadmill

Friday: I’m tired today, but that’s okay because I will be brave and do Saturday and Sunday!

Wee hours of Saturday morning: Wake up barfing and proceed to spend the weekend in a coma.  😦


Now begins the inner struggle!

Me 1: I need time to recover because I didn’t eat for a few days and I’m still tired from being sick.  

Me 2: Okay, but you can’t drag it out too long!

Me 1: Yah, yah, I know!  I’ll get right back to it as soon as I feel good.

Me 2: We never feel good!  That’s why we’re doing this!

Me 1: Balls

Me 2: Yup