Jim! I mean, Gym!

My hubby helped me set up the “gym” in our newly liberated front bedroom.  I have a surprising number of fitness equipment for one so out of shape!

I took a turn on the treadmill yesterday after work.  It’s a bit old and has these little fits where it slows down and then the tread shoots past under your feet, so I find it best to hold on to the handrails.  Death by treadmill would be a terrible way to go.

The most important part of my new gym is the TV and DVD player donated by my brother.  This way I can tread along to Supernatural episodes!  I must have something to distract me otherwise the pain I developed in my leg about five minutes in would have ended my bid for fitdom!

I weighed myself, but have since decided to do this from the inside out.  What I mean is, I will walk on the treadmill and do some muscle toning in order to feel better.  Physically and mentally.  I will be able to walk up stairs without having to take a nap afterwards!  If I happen to lose weight in the process then so much the better!  If I fixate on my weight then I’m doomed from the start.

Here we go!


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